George fights to keep our workforce competitive.

From Santa Rosa to Clovis, eastern New Mexico is leading the nation in wind energy production, which helps diversify our local economy. This rapidly growing industry is providing good-paying jobs to New Mexicans across the district. George will continue investing in job training programs to keep our workforce competitive and able, while also fighting for job-creating policies and economic development projects that benefit workers and consumers alike. As a small business owner, George understands that small businesses are often the backbone of local economies.


George believes in investing in New Mexico’s students.

As a state legislator, George has fought for critical investments in early childhood education, improvements in the classroom, and raises for hard-working public-school teachers. George has insisted that all children – regardless of their background or zip code – have access to high-quality education.


George is committed to improving our healthcare system.

He sees that a healthy workforce is vital to economic development. George has worked to pass reforms to ensure patients get the best, most effective healthcare possible, and has pressed for significant investments in behavioral health programs. He also fostered investment in senior centers because he believes everyone deserves to retire with dignity and have access to critical resources.   


George supports keeping our communities safe.  

On the House Appropriations and Finance Committee, George worked successfully to pass pay raises for law enforcement officers. He also voted to pass a comprehensive, bipartisan public safety package reforming the criminal justice system to keep New Mexicans safe and violent offenders off the streets. George will continue to fight for smart solutions to New Mexico’s most pressing issues.